Saturday, August 23, 2008

Selected List of Poems Published by Earl

There is No Crying in Baseball (Third Lung Review)
Hanging with Auntie (Southern Gothic Online)
John Travolta Stars in my Flick (Strange Horizons)
Night Owls at Work (Muses Review)
Lost: One Typewriter (Lunarosity)
Skateboarders (Lunarosity)
Send in the Jackass (KAKALAK)
I Want to live Forever, Learn how to Fly (Aroostook Review)
Once Upon a Road to Derry (Aroostook Review)
Kinsey's First Interview (The Centrifugal Eye)
Crane Forests, 2006 (Arabesques Review)
A Gleam in Freedom's Eye (Arabesques Review)
Arabian Knight on the Run (Arabesques Review)
The Great Jack Complex (Underground Voices)
Poetry in Motion (The Centrifugal Eye)
The Last Days of Crazy KAP (Underground Voices)
Teaching an old Bird New Tricks (The Centrifugal Eye [Pushcart Nominee])
News Flash: AC Invented in Arkansas, 1945 (Word Riot)
Lament for a Baseball Dad (AETHLON)
At Walter's Wake (Arkansas Literary Forum)
The Human Stain (The Centrifugal Eye)
A Funky Mister Faulkner (Faulkner Newsletter)
Carolina Snipe Hunt (The New Verse News)
Between the Sheets with Bette Midler (Southern Gothic)
Carpe Diem, Saturday (Lunarosity)
How the News was Delivered Today (New Verse News)
Postponing the Slippery Slope (KAKALAK)
On the Burning of the Community Theatre (New Verse News)
Winter Solstice--Dream Variations (The Centrifugal Eye)
In addition to this group, Earl has published more than
40 poems in The New Verse News and Elsewhere.

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Annie said...

Dear Mr. Wilcox,

What a delight to happen on your blog while searching the Internet for items for a poetry class I teach in Roswell, NM. I had seen and enjoyed your poems on Lunarosity (my fave online poetry site), so it is nice to have more of them. I, too, am a Saint Louis fan -- since early childhood. I lived then in Clovis, NM, where the Clovis Pioneers team (of the West Texas - New Mexico League) was a Cardinal farm club -- complete with pretty red cardinals on their uniforms. My early poems (age 7-12) were all about baseball, the only subject I considered worthy of so lofty an art form. Thank you for your good poems. Sincerely, Ann Applegarth