Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ode to a Baseball Cap

To the non-believer, you're a colorful cap,
nothing more than a beanie with a brim.
For the faithful in baseball nation, you
are a hallowed, even holy, head covering.

Your colors call us to worship in cardinal
red, pure white, or royal blue---caps of many
colors for the game in which players and fans
find their way around the bases, ending at home.

When we put on our hats, we are acolytes,
troops for our team,living and dying as we
win or lose. Little lid, you are the common
cap, the beanie that binds hearts and soul.

For the nine-inning outing and for all the
nights and days our lives, we wear our
caps to work, to worship, to play, to shop,
to eat, to sleep, to dream, to the hereafter.

(Originally published in Third Lung Review)

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